“Ugly when compared to pre-existing notions of taste is a bummer. But
ugly as a representation of mass experimentation and learning is pretty
damn cool. Regardless of what you might think, the actions you take to
make your MySpace page ugly are pretty sophisticated. Over time, as
consumer-created media engulfs the other kind, it’s possible that
completely new norms develop around the notions of talent and artistic


Frequent posting on blogs

#1- Traffic is generated by participating in the community; not daily posting

#2 – Traffic is irrelevant to your blog’s success anyway

#3- Loyal readers coming back daily to check your posts is so Web 1.0

#4 – Frequent posting is actually starting to have a negative impact on loyalty:

#5: Frequent posting keeps key senior executives and thought leaders out of the blogosphere

#6: Frequent posting drives poor content quality

#7: Frequent posting threatens the credibility of the blogosphere

#8 – Frequent posting will push corporate bloggers into the hands of PR agencies

#9 – Frequent posting creates the equivalent of a blogging landfill

#10 – I love my family too much